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10 Ways To Spend A Perfect Weekend To Rejuvenate Yourself

Well, most of my weekdays are spent day dreaming the weekend plans which generally fail by the time I wake up on a Saturday morning. It seems we a plan to even to have fun. But don’t worry; we got it sorted for you. We all work hard to play hard. But don’t kick away the much needed rest because if you have earned it, you better spend it.

  1. Don’t be a log, just jog

How about a morning jog? We know these are the only days when we can sleep  guilt free  but it might be the only time you can enjoy the sunrise followed by a delicious breakfast. (P.S. club isn’t the only best place to find love, a jogger’s park can certainly be too.

  1. Watch and Chill

Be a guilt free couch potato binge watching your favorite show on OTT platform. It’s the best way to intake some stories that moves you personally. Laugh, cry or just freak out because that’s the cheapest thrill available.

  1. Board gaming is the best

Let the old board games come out of the drawers. Nothing can beat a few games off old school Ludo with your loved ones. It definitely has a magnetic pull to bring people together (Catan is my favorite).

  1. Baggy clothes

Let your oversized baggy clothes be the attire of the day and if you don’t have many, you can have a happy high shopping online. It’s extremely necessary to feel comfortable, make the most of your ‘’no formal clothing days’’.

  1. Grocery shopping scenes

Just get done with a valid grocery shopping, pick up the stuff that will get you through the week but don’t forget to include an ice cream parlour detour while returning (wink).

  1. Meet your buddies

Visit an old lost friend or a relative. It would be refreshing to walk back on the memory lane with chai and biscuit. It’s amazing how old time talks with a long lost friend can make you forget your age! (don’t get too sentimental though).

  1. Romantic getaways

Cover up on pending plans with your loved one. Whether it’s a movie date or a long weekend drive amidst nature, time spent in the company of the beloved is time gained.

  1. Get skilled 

Weekends can become good initiators to develop skills and fulfilling hobbies. From learning guitar to becoming a pro at gardening, weekends provide the perfect opportunity to quench your thirst for offbeat skills.

  1. A pinch of seriousness

A pinch of seriousness amidst all the fun reminds us of the necessary things in hand. For a change get on a cleaning spree, organise your wardrobe or just get done with pending repairings.

  1. A quick travel

Nothing is more refreshing than breaking your routine once in a while. Google up the nearby weekend getaways and just rave up the engines before laziness kicks in. Travel can do wonders, trust me.

 Let the weekend cheer you up so that you are wide awake with strength on a monstrous Monday morning. Cheers!

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