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5 Effective Dadi And Nani Ke Nuskhe For Various Health Problems

Grandmas are a class separated out and out. They love us gigantically and have their own arrangement of characteristics and erraticisms. Our grandmas have a lot of captivating home cures that are powerful and can fix pretty much every medical issue. 

They will in general have very much supplied kitchen wash rooms with age-old fixings and plans to fix different sicknesses. These work inexplicably and can guarantee a sound and fit body in a matter of seconds. So here are some grandmother affirmed home solutions for various medical issues. 

For cold 

To fix an awful cool, blend 1 tbsp nectar, some ginger juice and a touch of dark pepper with some warm water. Have a spoon of this every day and see your virus disappear. 

For stomach torment 

The home solution for fix stomach torment is to blend some carom seeds and a ½ tsp lemon juice with a touch of salt and devour once per day. 

For fever 

To decrease fever immediately, the attempted and tried grandma affirmed home cure is to rub some onion cuts on the feet. This won't just lower the temperature yet in addition diminish body hurt. 

For wounds 

To sanitize wounds and treat scratches and cuts, blend some turmeric powder with water to shape a thick glue and apply it on the injury. 

For sore throat and hack 

For relieving a sensitive throat and decreasing hack, add ¼ tsp lemon squeeze, a tsp of nectar and some cinnamon powder in a glass of warm water and drink day by day.

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