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5 Silver Jewelry Brands That Have Revolutionized Silver Wear Completely In 2020

Modernized Silver jewelry that redefines your personality

Silver is considered one of the most auspicious materials. It’s modern yet vintage look and feel has completely made fashionistas go gaga about it!

Be it Kareena Kapoor Khan, Aditi Rao Haidri  or Sonam  Kapoor, they have all flaunted their love for silver jewelry more than once. Be it a pair of jeans on white top, a cream linen Kurta or Cotton drapes, silver jewelry compliments both modern and traditional looks. Unlike a few decades ago, today silver has graced up a modern girl’s jewelery box. Apart from old school jewelry shopping from city market shops,  you have an alternative to choose from a wide range available online. So if you are someone who craves for an offbeat or traditional silver jewelry, check out my list of best 5 brands in silver jewelry making. (Hah! it’s definitely a silver lining for your shopping confusions.)


Their designs are inspirations from diverse cultures of India. The Rabari style from western Gujarat to   distinct nomadic Turkmen jewelry; the Eclectic Tribal aesthetics of Madhya Pradesh, the traditional motifs of Maharatrian culture, the royal pearl work of Andhra and what not (ah!)  Their collection is absolute love! Their collection of ornate Jhumkas in studded corals will make you look anciently pretty.

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Their collection seems inspired from cultures all over the world. For example their African Odyssey features the aesthetics and colors associated with tribes from that region. Their ancient art of Badri is a collection that mesmerizes us, take a look and don’t stop yourself from buying. (wink) 

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If you are someone who loves contemporary and abstract modern designs, Aliame has it all. The designs are thoughtful and unique (super unique).  They have wide spectrum of designs inspired from something like DNA (no really DNA!) to moon hanging hoops. A pair from Aliame can add to your collection a modern contemporary flavor. 

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Full of sass, their brand aims at designing unorthodox jewelry for women of today. This brand is great for carefree bold women who can experiment with their looks and don’t care what the world thinks. Their statement nose rings are my all-time favorite. 

Check it out :

Flames of Forest

Flames of forest have their strong hand at aesthetically rich designs. It is for lovers of minimalistic designs. To give you a jazzy look, try their decorative chunky rings! (I wear it with cotton saree, and have never not been noticed).
Their designs look like replicas of places in nature, with colors of deep sea corals or the monsoon evenings at sunset. Mrianalini Cariapa, the founder takes inspiration from nature and makes sure the stones she uses have not been dyed or treated with any unnatural process. No wonder each piece looks so beautiful (you just wanna eat).

Check it out:

Stand out, make a statement, let your looks say it all. 

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