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6 Beauty Advantages Of Bottle Gourd (Lauki) Juice That Can Make Your Skin Glance Younger

Bottle gourd might not proper as a delight for your flavour buds but knowing about the glance it has on your skin, you will surely fall in love with this light veggie. Bottle gourd (generally known as lauki/ghiya) not only gives you the good subsistence to your body, but it also ups your beauty amount.

1. Wrinkle-free skin

With strong nutrition such as vitamin C and zinc, bottle gourd benefits in tackling untimely ageing. The juice helps slow down cell ageing and stops wrinkles from showing on the face. You can have the lauki baked or in the juice form for expenditure. You can also use the juice visibly on your face and neck part for beautiful skin.

2. For that Normal glow

Full with minerals, antioxidants and vitamins, bottle gourd juice can do highlights to your skin, adding it a healthy glow. Utilization it as your morning mantra as it materials right working of your digestive system and makes your skin shining. Have a cup full of bottle gourd juice every morning on a regular base for good results.

3. Weight loss

Bottle gourd is one of the highest popular and regular options for your weight loss tasks. Vitamin B, water and fibre in the bottle gourd together rise body’s metabolic ratio and make the digestive grid active. It also supports in easing constipation related issues. Additionally, the juice is believed to curb your hunger and makes you full. Mix some fresh bottle gourd juice with lime juice and have it routinely to lose those extra kilos.

4. Hair care

You will be stunned to learn that the main from your kitchen can also confront and control untimely greying of hair. It consists of vitamin B that has a cooling impact on your scalp and so, helps decrease discolouration and fizziness of your normal hair. Regular stimulation of bottle gourd can also balance hair fall. Grate a few slice of bottle gourd and blend it with yoghurt or apple cider vinegar and use as a hair pack. You will be replace of your hair problems after regular usage.

5. Reduces pimples and acne

Bottle gourd juice efficiently cleanses the system and keeps dust, pollution and oil obedient. Thus it balances the discharge of oil from the pores which in turn reduces pimples and breakouts. You can exhaust it cooked or as a juice to battle your skin allied problems.

6. Glossy and clear skin

As bottle gourd clarifies the blood, it reliefs in making the skin smooth and elastic. It cleanses the body inside which ultimately leads to healthy, radiant and clear skin. Make a flattening face pack using cucumber and bottle gourd in equal size. You can also add besan and curd if you demand. Use it on your face for around twenty minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. It will cherish your skin to the core and give it a butter-smooth touch at the same time.

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