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7 Reasons To Go Make Up Free And Not Care

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”-Coco Chanel.

Have you ever thought how easy your life would be without make up? We are constantly fed by media what they want us to think and feel. But be honest to yourself. Don’t you love how at night you can just throw off all the make-up and relax? Or how on a lazy Sunday you can be in your pajamas and bunny hair and still feel great? We already know what we want, if only we really heard what our hearts said.

I am not saying donate your make up boxes and never look at it again. But why the entire obsession with it when you can slay anyway? 

You suffocate your skin: when we don’t layer our skin with all the make up in the world, our skin is actually breathing and detoxing (phew!). 
It is way trendier than you think: you are probably scared that you won’t catch so much attention or that you won’t fit it but going make up free is getting trendier, because it shows how confident you are without it (brains before beauty!), which is super appealing.
Less is more: the less damn you give about hiding your innocent pimple marks or harmless freckles, the more you stand out. Because not a lot of people can do that!
Men don’t care: in our survey we found that a lot of men when asked to choose, have boldly answered how they find women with no or less make up 10 times more appealing (not that their opinion matters!). Decent men will like you for how you look without changing anything in yourself (if they don’t, they are not good enough for you, chill!).
Damages skin: applying make-up regularly clogs pores and eventually makes your skin look dull as a duster as you age. And you lose the natural radiance that comes from healthy lifestyle. 
High maintenance:  you could be doing a lot of things that are far more productive in the time you spend on make-up. And money? (I have saved more than 7000 bucks already). Buy things that help you nourish your hobbies rather than coloring your face.
It’s not like you can wear makeup 24*7: you are going to get caught without make up, it’s better to be yourself rather than people staring at your face and asking you “Hey are you alright? You look unwell!” 

It’s not about isolating yourself from the world of makeup, but about knowing that make up and cosmetics are just to have fun with when you want not because you will look ugly without it. Apply it once in a while, but don’t cage yourself in thinking what others are thinking about you. Have the courage to embrace yourself as you are rather than become one of the herds. 

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