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The flowers, the first hot rays of the sun, everything indicates that spring has arrived. The change of season also leads us to a change of wardrobe and that, when we talk about children, implies an almost total renovation of the wardrobe. This blog was born with the idea of showing you everything that is going to be worn this season, what type of fabrics, colors and patterns. In Girls' Fashion Trends Winter 2020, you will find all this information and lots of photos. Shall we start?


Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated times of the year for both moms and our daughters, vacations are close, days at the beach, pool or mountains will leave us wonderful memories. This year, children's fashion is inspired by adventure, garments where girls will feel comfortable thanks to the natural fabrics that are the essence of this season.


If summer is characterized by something, it is by the appearance of the already traditional sailor looks, not only inspired by stripes, but also in garments that allow total freedom of movement.

Sets like this one from the Cóndor firm, where the combination of denim pants in a soft pink color to match a pink striped shirt with a beautiful allegorical sign of the sea, another of the trends for this season, the big signs. The overshirt printed with large flowers in a shade of blue.

The Boboli firm proposes dresses with sailor stripes, but this time playing with them. Wide stripes in Navy blue, low-cut dresses that provide greater flare to the skirt. An original and fun dress.

Mayoral bets on skirts with a lot of movement and flight. Sets like the ones in the image where you will love more clothing sets with a sailor trend. Skirts like the one with horizontal stripes made in knitwear and with pockets.

Another proposal of the Mayoral firm is the combination of colors for a look of the most marienro. The red of the pleated skirt, which as we see is a firm bet. The striped t-shirt with asymmetric hems finished in a peak on one side.


The tropical and fruit prints will be the prints that we are going to see the most this season and is that as it happens in the fashion of adults, our girls love ornaments and summer is the best time of year to show them off.

The Cóndor firm bets on colorful blouses, large flowers that indicate that spring has arrived. Roses, seawater, yellows, oranges and greens, fused in a really beautiful and delicate pattern. On the other hand, the beautiful boat-type neckline adorned with a beautiful ruffle, gives it that tropical air that is going to be worn this season.

The Bóboli firm, bet on comfortable dresses full of flowers and leaves, colors pile up, a dress in which color explodes. An original dress that fastens at the back, which shows off a small opening. Inspired by the most beautiful tropical landscapes.

Much more of sport but without abandoning the prints, the Mayoral firm presents two different and incredible models.

Jumpsuits and dungarees are back in fashion this season and as shown in the image above where to the right a short chiffon jumpsuit with bare shoulders and a beautiful print full of patches with different designs.

We cannot deny that the floral and landscape print is a success of the Mayoral firm. The sleeveless flared dress reveals a soft landscape in pastel tones, full of flowers and houses. Without a doubt, a dress that your girl will love to wear this season.


This season the air of the Caribbean floods us, not only because of its colorful patterns, but also because of the provision of ruffles of all sizes, alone or in a cascade, with beautiful patterns or in solid colors. The flyers and Caribbean motifs and patterns are the fruit will trend in children 's fashion this season, also we cannot deny that this trend feel them our small beautifully.


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