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How To Kill Boredom In Lockdown?

Times are tough; everybody’s patience is on the edge. Everything is changing. Our usual ways of lifestyle is taking a new shape. Most of us, to be honest almost all of us are having a hard time adjusting in this new hostile world. As a necessary measure against covid-19, we must try and stay indoors as much as possible. But that’s bound to bring endless boredom. But it is possible to set a productive and fun routine at home.  Here are a few suggestions of what we can do with our precious time at home:

Time management: when we have plenty of time, there’s a good chance we will waste all of it in organizing our day. It can be super useful to prioritize what all we wanna accomplish during the day.

Move your body

 I can’t stress this enough. People usually become couch potatoes sitting all day at home. We need to avoid this. When we don’t exercise our body, it goes into sedentary state and invites diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. Do some yoga, aerobic, stretching, chores anything.

Develop new skill

 We all have hidden talents we don’t use. It is important we spend time in finding what new skills we can adapt to. Apart from primary and secondary skills, I believe we have the ability to develop tertiary skills.  A skill that we never thought we could be good at and yet are. We must discover it for ourselves. It could be anything, such as writing, learning an instrument, history, plumbing, water coloring or designing puzzle games.

Be your own chef

it is an immensely satisfying experience to cook for ourselves and our loved ones. It is Most correctly said by Craig Claiborne that, “Cooking is at once child’s play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love.” To ensure safety we can’t go out for party dinners and brunches but that does not mean we can’t create unforgettable experience at home! Pick up your favorite recipe, please your tummies and enjoy your epic meal time.

Close to nature

I am sure you miss travelling to lush greens and misty mountains (gives me goose bumps when I think about it). But that does not mean we miss out on nature. It is super soothing experience to plant some seeds, raise some saplings or make mini gardens in our balcony or terrace. Nature is infinitely healing. Working with soil, water and greens is bound to uplift our dull days.


don’t forget to pamper yourself. Set up a spa, or a warm shower with wine. Netflix & chill or play board games. Call your grandparents or spend some time with them. The idea is to feel good about existing. Surrounded by all the negative news all day, we must try and maintain our mental health and stay positive.

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