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How To Stay Updated With Fashion?

We are busy women of 2020. We are up to a lot of things. It’s difficult to constantly stay updated when it comes to fashion. At times one simply gets bored and wants to pull up a pair of pajamas and just live in it and that’s okay. A lot of people say we should attend/watch fashion shows, visit designer’s studios and what not. But who has time really? One drawback for girls with beauty and brains is that they really can’t put in so much time to stay updated with changing fashion trends.

I am gonna be sharing my hacks of staying updated with fashion:

Browse fashion magazines online

 When I have some time while I am commuting or waiting for someone, I utilize it to check new fashion trends online. Some of my favorite fashion magazines are Harper’s bazaar, Vogue, W, and Elle.

Window shopping

Window shopping is one of the easiest ways to stay updated with fashion. You will see quite new things even in your local mall. I believe it’s better to shop regularly rather than stocking up your wardrobes at once. You can shop every weekend and keep your wardrobe trendy.  Local brands sometimes offer outfits that add unique taste to your look.

Follow a celebrity

Keep an eye out for your favorite celebrity and what they wear. For example celebrities like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner,  Sonam Kapoor or Kate Middleton always have their way of standing out. So get inspired. Keep exploring on social media for new styles of our favorite celebs. Celebrities maintain their image as fashionista by constantly staying ahead of fashion. Find celebrities that have similar styling sense as yours and follow their lead.

Collect Fashion evergreens

As correctly said by Micheal Kors, “The greenest thing you could do in fashion is to buy something you’re going to use for years.”  Have a collection of all things that never go out of style.  Fashion industry keeps updating its hot list every twice a year, showcasing the new trends at fashion weeks, yet some things are irreplaceably fashionable. My favorites are blue jeans, white tops, linen pants, olives, reds and blacks (no really there are more!) little black dress, and brown trench coats (also cardigans, ah).

Experiment boldly with fashion

Don’t be afraid to look different. Remember greatest styles were once somebody’s bold first step. Did you know jeans were once a sign of disobedience and now have become the trendiest thing to wear? After all you know your body the best. Experiment with different styles, different material and colors. Don’t limit yourselves to imitating the fashion of the day, create your unique style and stand out. (I suggest learning a few stitching hacks so you can experiment better and save a few bucks of course!)

Embrace yourself as you are. Create your own signature style; look confident. Every outfit will rock if worn with the right attitude.

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