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Pigment Dyed Garment Dyed and Regular Dyed Shirts-Your Complete Guide to Know About Them All

The age of 21st century is rightly regarded as the era of technological advancement. Since the start of 2000s, the world has seen many advancements in different fields of technology. From Cloud space to Artificial Intelligence (AI), the tech field has grown up into multiple directions, precisely to provide ease to the business sector relating from different backgrounds. This fast evolution of tech has impacted all the major fields in the world, ranging from medical facilities to clothing sector and more others. The quick progression of tech sector has given massive results in the optimization of our business world. It has made sure to elevate the standards of our corporate sector, so that they can accommodate all the demands of the growing market better. It helped different organizations to grow rapidly and gain more leads from the market to make a stable name for themselves. 

Talking specifically about those fields that has seen enormous growth over the last couple of decades, the name of clothing industry always comes on top of the chart. It is the sector that has emerged as one of the biggest industries in the world, rightly due to emerging demand and optimization of new age technology. With the arrival of ultramodern manufacturing machines, the process and mechanism to fabricate outfits changed completely. It not only became fast, but also became qualitative, giving customers the precised end products which they have wished for. The specific class of custom apparels is a fine example for that. It is produced as per the exact demands of the customers, giving them a perfect finished product as per their desired requirements. 

Today, with the enhancement of technology, the mechanism to produce different types of apparels have greatly evolved. The market is now equipped with highly advanced computerized machines that helps in manufacturing range of wholesale t-shirts. These outfits are customized with unique methods that helps in improving their quality. That is the main reason how new brands are entering in this clothing sector rapidly. They are basically working on the optimized methods of apparels manufacturing, giving customers a unique piece of style to take on everywhere.
Pigment-dyed outfits is one of those kinds that has got massive value in the market. It is fairly a new technique that allows your apparels to look better as compared to its original crafting. It requires specialized machines to complete the fabrication, and also needs experienced professionals to do the job accurately. It is basically divided into three sub sections, named as pigment-dyed, garment-dyed, and regular-dyed shirts. All of these methods are separately used in the production of diverse attires. May be, their names looks bit same, but they have got big difference in their working processes.

In this article, we will take a deep look on thrice of these methods and what end-product they produce for the customers. So, let’s quickly take a look at them below.

Comparing Pigment-Dyed, Garment-Dyed, and Regular-Dyed Shirts 

Here is the comparison between these three dyeing techniques. 


Just as the name suggests, regular dyeing is the straightforward process of dyeing on apparels using the conventional machines. It is simply dyed on textile materials, such as yarns, fibers and more others. The good thing about regular dyeing is that it uses chemical bonding to perfectly dye the colors on fabric. Using this way, it provides a strong dyed apparel to the customers, without any major visual glitch.

Pigment Dyed

Pigment dyeing is quite unique from the regular dyeing process, as it is fabricated right on top of the fabric rather than embedding inside of it. Its bit like coating on front of the fabric rather than mixing as a whole inside it. It looks more rich and good as compared to the regular dyeing, which is why many people prefers it over the regular process.

Garment Dyeing

Garment dyeing is a process in which we perform dyeing on a finished apparel, rather than doing into the fabric. It is bit fast and efficient as compared to the above two processes, but requires highly advanced machines to complete the job. Now a days, many factories are utilizing this technique to produce quality stock of dyed outfits, that too in a short span of time.

Final Words

That brings us to the end of this blog in which we have defined the three main techniques of dyeing apparels in the market. If you have got any more questions related to this article, please feel free to mention them below in the comments section.

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