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The Best Candid Wedding Photography Tips

Weddings certainly have changed from over the years. Now people are tilted towards informal ceremonies instead of keeping things formal. They want to celebrate the life-changing day only with people who are close to them. And the same trend goes with wedding photography. The couples don't want to have traditional wedding photographs, they seek for something natural that lasts ever so briefly, and this comes under candid photography.

Candid photography means capturing unplanned moments without staging a scene. It shows life as it is and enhances the beauty of the events. Wedding Photographers in Bristol are shifting to candid Wedding Photography as it's in high demand nowadays. In this camera, a person focuses on capturing the natural expressions of the subject in its most pristine form.

But, clicking the candid moments is not as easy as it sounds. It's much more than just pointing your camera at the subject and pressing the click button. The Candid photographer should know how to capture honest feelings and how to look at each scene.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to click the decisive moments and take the best wedding candid photos.

  • Keep An Eye Out For Moments

The foremost tip for shooting the spontaneous moments is to always keep moving without being intrusive and be ready with your camera. Also, keep looking at your subject and do not make eye contact with them, as this may reveal your subject to be photographed and tend to render unnatural.

  • Use A Long Zoom

Always use a telephoto lens to shoot candid moments, as it allows you to capture the photos outside the personal space of the subjects but keep the feeling of intimacy in the photograph. Besides this, these lenses offer versatility and are helpful to lock the emotional as well as happy moments more efficiently. 

  • Know Your Equipment Well

To keep things simple, you need to know your camera well before going to shoot the wedding. Learn everything about your equipment so that you can react instinctively to the moments and don't miss the event that warrants the picture. 
Many photographers who do not prepare themselves before the event, miss capturing good shots. They are involved in toggling their camera settings.
So, if you are looking for wedding photography in Somerset, ask your photographer to be familiar with his equipment before capturing the main event.

  • Kill The Flash

Nothing will destroy the candid shots like a bright harsh flash. It gives a signal to the subject that you are photographing them. So, always try to avoid the flashlight if you're aiming to capture natural candid moments. In case the light is very dim, you can open the aperture of the camera or increase the ISO settings. These will help to fill the light in the photographs.

  • Shoot From Hip

Shooting from the hip is a great way to click the candid pictures. This technique makes you less visible among the audience, and they won't have a sense that you are shooting them. But it needs a lot of practice, and while practicing, this it is important to commit to one lens. It gives your clicks much more refreshing and interesting perspectives. The hip level shooting opens up a whole new world and allows you to take photos of someone who may not want their picture to be taken.

  • Plan Ahead

If it is possible, it's a great idea to visit the wedding venue a day before the wedding ceremony so that you can explore the good locations for shooting. This will give you an idea of photogenic spots and help in planning your work for the day.

  • In Final Words

Candid photography is about capturing real moments. The candid photographer clicks the people when they are not aware of it. If you are a wedding photographer, the above tips can help you to catch moments nobody sees but you.

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